An expert grower,
under your control

Growbox is an all-in-one, indoor growing system that takes care of your plants completely automatically.

Start growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits in your home without any prior experience needed.

You can even use the app to directly control the environment, monitor plant diagnostics, share photos, and get real time notifications anywhere in the world.

Accelerated growth down to a science

In order to produce higher yields, GrowBox uses powerful space-grade LED growing technology to simulate the sun and changing seasons.

It constantly provides the perfect amount of lighting required for enhanced plant growth, and it is still up to 60% more energy efficient than other standard indoor growing techniques.

Routine health monitoring for your plants

Growbox uses a combination of sophisticated computer vision algorithms to monitor your plants— it's smart enough to see what your plants needs, and adjust the environment accordingly.

The GrowBox camera system constantly tracks your plant's health status, and you'll receive notifications on your phone so you know exactly how they are doing.

An open source community of growers

Browse a collection of plant profiles written by master growers and enthusiasts.

Select the most effective and highest yielding recipes to load directly into your GrowBox.

You can even show off your growing expertise by creating your own custom plant profiles, and sharing them with the GrowBox community.

Choose to Grow Any Plant You Want

Simply open up the app and select which type of plant you would like to grow.
Then, place the matching seeds in the box. That's it!

Beta Program Updates

Learn more about our product milestones
and get more details on the beta program.


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